Founded in 2017, MEI Statistical Consulting specializes in advanced research that requires highly customized research design, statistical analyses, and consultation.

Previously, Mark has been a Senior Manager with the Statistical Analysis group at comScore, the Senior Statistician in the Data Sciences group at Compete, and a Director of Marketing Sciences with in4mation insights. Prior to moving to industry, Mark was a Lecturer in Statistics at Harvard University and an Assistant Professor and Statistical Computing Scientist in the Statistics department of Ohio State University.

Mark received a PhD in Statistics from the University of Chicago and a MSc in Statistics and BSc in Mathematics from the University of British Columbia.

Mark's research interests in the past have included statistical genetics, focusing on problems in gene mapping, space-time hierarchical modeling, and statistical computing, dealing mainly with Monte Carlo methods. Past projects have dealt with modeling daily ozone data in the Lake Michigan region, class discovery and classification of tumor samples using gene expression data, the effects of interference in haplotype reconstruction, examining changes in military defensive strategies through point process models, and spatial-temporal nonlinear filtering in Command and Control.