Statistics 221 - LaTeX

The following are suggested LaTeX (and TeX) references. When looking for LaTeX references, make sure they discuss LaTeX 2e, the current standard.


  • Goosens M, Mittelbach F, and Samarin A (1994). The LaTeX Companion. Addison Wesley, Reading, MA.

  • Kopka H and Daly P (1999). A guide to LaTeX 2e. Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA.

  • Lamport L (1994). LaTeX: A document preparation system, 2nd edition. Addison Wesley, Reading, MA.

  • Knuth DE (1986). The TeXbook. Addison Wesley, Reading, MA.


Software Sources

  • TeX Implementations from CTAN

  • TeX Live (Windows, Macintosh, Unix)

  • MiKTeX (Windows)

  • TeXShop (Macintosh)

  • WinEdt. A nice Windows text editor that can be used as a front end to Windows TeX implementation (such as MiKTeX). Also useful for HTML, and other coding. However it is not free, but there is a trial period before you have to pay.

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